Academic Writing:

Ali, Feroz and Mohandas, Shweta, Patents are Windows or they are Walls: Open Licensing of Publicly-funded Research (October 9, 2017)

Lakshané, Rohini and Mohandas, Shweta, Joining the Dots in India’s Big-Ticket Mobile Phone SEP Litigation (October 31, 2017

Opinion Pieces:

The Data Protection Bill 2021: A Missed Health Opportunity

Nothing to Kid About – Children’s Data Under the New Data Protection Bill

Personal Data Protection Bill must examine data collection practices that emerged during pandemic

In India, Privacy Policies of Fintech Companies Pay Lip Service to User Rights

The Compulsive Patent Hoarding Disorder

The DNA Bill has a sequence of problems that need to be resolved

Is the new ‘interception’ order old wine in a new bottle?

Articles & Reports:

Separating The Wheat From The Chaff: The Use Of AI In Content Moderation

Finding Needles in Haystacks – Discussing the Role of Automated Filtering in the New Indian Intermediary Liability Rules

The Boss Will See You Now - The Growth of Workplace Surveillance in India, is Data Protection Legislation the Answer?

Your Phone Number is Not Only Yours

The PDP Bill 2019 Through the Lens of Privacy by Design

FinTech in India: A Study of Privacy and Security Commitments

The AI Task Force Report - The first steps towards India’s AI framework

NITI Aayog Discussion Paper: An aspirational step towards India’s AI policy

A study of FinTech companies and their privacy policies

Artificial Intelligence in India: A Compendium

People Driven and Tech Enabled – How AI and ML are Changing the Future of Cyber Security in India

Policy Submissions:

Comments on InDEA 2.0

Comments to National Digital Health Mission: Health Data Management Policy

Comments and recommendations to the Guidelines for “Influencer Advertising on Digital Media” 05 April, 2021

The Centre for Internet and Society’s comments and recommendations to the: Data Empowerment and Protection Architecture 30 November 2020

Comments to National Digital Health Mission: Health Data Management Policy 5 October 2020

Inputs to the Report on the Non-Personal Data Governance Framework 30 December, 2020

Comments to the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 12 February, 2020

Comments to The Personal Data Protection Bill 18 October, 2018